Interface SampXmlRpcServerFactory

All Known Implementing Classes:
ApacheServerFactory, InternalServerFactory

public interface SampXmlRpcServerFactory

Defines a factory for SampXmlRpcServer instances. In most cases it will make sense to implement this class so that a single server instance is constructed lazily, and the same instance is always returned from the getServer() method. This means that the same server can be used for everything that requires an XML-RPC server, thus keeping resource usage down. Users of this class must keep this implementation model in mind, so must not assume that a new instance is returned each time. But if an implementation wants to return a new instance each time for some reason, that is permissible.

22 Aug 2008
Mark Taylor

Method Summary
 SampXmlRpcServer getServer()
          Returns an XML-RPC server implementation.

Method Detail


public SampXmlRpcServer getServer()
                           throws IOException
Returns an XML-RPC server implementation. Implementations are permitted, but not required, to return the same object from different calls of this method.

new or re-used server

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