Version History

Version 0.1 (31 July 2008)
Initial release (beta). Targets SAMP WD v1.0 (25 June 2008).
Version 0.2 (19 September 2008)
Code reorganisation and pluggable XML-RPC implementation:
The XML-RPC and Standard Profile-related parts of the library have been reorganised somewhat. A new package org.astrogrid.samp.xmlrpc ant its descendants now hold all the code which relates specifically to XML-RPC communications and the SAMP Standard Profile; the code in the other packages is profile-agnostic and handles only transport-independent aspects of the protocol. The xmlrpc package itself defines a pluggable interface for providing XML-RPC client and server functionality; two implementations are also provided, in the packages xmlrpc.apache and xmlrpc.internal. The Apache one is basically what was there in previous versions; the internal one is completely freestanding, and if this is used the Apache XML-RPC library is not required for operation.
GUI functionality added
There are more classes in the org.astrogrid.samp.gui package to facilitate high-level use of SAMP within GUI applications. ConnectorGui provides Actions suitable for insertion in a general SAMP control menu, and SendActionManager provides menus and Actions for sending particular messages.
New command snooper:
Logs received messages to the terminal. Useful for debugging.
Minor changes:
  • Moved some GUI functionality from client.HubConnector to gui.ConnectorGui.
  • HubClient privateKey member is now an Object not a String, for greater generality.
  • RegInfo(String,String,String) constructor withdrawn.
  • HubRunner class moved from package hub to xmlrpc.
  • Several other more or less minor changes.
Version 0.2-1 (25 September 2008)
  • Fixed a problem with XML-RPC implementation when running in presence of unexpected (not 1.2) version of Apache XML-RPC library.
  • jsamp.xmlrpc.impl property now correctly propagated to JVM running external hub.
  • Race condition in unit tests which sometimes gave false failures is fixed.
  • Fixed threading problem in hubmonitor which meant that sometimes window did not appear.
  • Some other minor items.