Building with Maven

All astrogrid code must be built with Maven. Note that the recommended version of Maven is Maven 2, but there are some components that are still built with Maven 1 - the maven 1 procedures are described on a separate page.

The recommended way of creating a new project is to inherit from the "astrogrid-base" POM - this POM defines all of the general project properties that are common to all astrogrid projects as well as standard dependency versions and build options. The way to inherit from this POM is to include the following at the top of your POM

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""

  <name>New Astrogrid component</name>

where the artifactId and the name should be set to something appropriate for your component, and the version of the astrogrid-base POM that is used depends on which astrogrid release is being worked towards.

Maven Repositories

To find the AstroGrid artifacts you need to make maven point at the astrogrid maven 2 repository at You can do this by editing your ~/.m2/settings.xml file to include a repository definition such as

        <name>Astrogrid Maven 2 repository</name>

There is a suitable settings.xml file that can be downloaded if you have not used maven 2 before, otherwise it is probably more sensible to hand edit your existing settings.xml file to ensure that you do not lose any existing settings.