Package org.astrogrid.acr.builtin

Access components of the Astro Runtime


Interface Summary
ACR Interface into a running Astro Runtime, from which AR services can be accessed.
SessionManager AR Service: Create and manage sessions.
Shutdown AR Service: Halts the Astro Runtime
ShutdownListener Listener interface for AR lifecycle.

Class Summary
ComponentDescriptor Describes an AR Service
Descriptor Abstract datastructure: Describes some portion of the AstroRuntime
MethodDescriptor Describes a method (function) belonging to an AR Service
ModuleDescriptor Describes a module of the AstroRuntime.
ValueDescriptor Describes an input parameter or result of an AR Method

Package org.astrogrid.acr.builtin Description

Access components of the Astro Runtime

Start by getting an instance of ACR. This class provides access to all the services available in the Astro Runtime.

Shutdown allows a client of the Astro Runtime to shut down a running AR daemon.

This package also contains datastructures to describe the modules, services and methods that are available from the Astro Runtime. This data can be accessed from the ApiHelp component.

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