Package org.astrogrid.acr.ivoa

IVOA Webservices


Interface Summary
Cone AR Service: Query for Catalogs from Cone-Search Services (DAL).
Dal Abstract Class: Functionality common to all Data Access Services.
ExternalRegistry AR Service: Query an arbitrary IVOA Registry.
Registry AR Service: Query the system-configured Registry.
Siap AR Service: Query for Images from Simple Image Access Protocol (SIAP) services (DAL).
Ssap AR Service: Query for Spectra from Simple Spectral Access Protool (SSAP) Services (DAL).
Vosi Check availability of services.

Class Summary
VosiAvailabilityBean Service Availability

Package org.astrogrid.acr.ivoa Description

IVOA Webservices

This module provides access to IVOA Registries - which list services and other resources available in the virtual observatory, and Data Access (DAL) services - which provide searchable catalog, image, spectra and time-series archives.


Astro-Runtime is pre-configured to connect to a system registry webservice. This service can be queried for metadata using the Registry component.

Any other registry service can be queried using the ExternalRegistry component.

DAL Services

Whether searching for catalogs, images, spectra or time-series data, interacting with any DAL service follows a similar pattern. This commonality is captured in the Dal abstract class, which should be studied first. The DAL components for accesing different kinds of data all inherit from the Dal class. They are:
for catalogs
for images
for spectra
for time-series data

Service Availability

The Vosi component provides a way to query services for their operational status, uptime and scheduled downtime.

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