Package org.astrogrid.acr.ivoa.resource

Datastructures for IVOA Registry Resources


Interface Summary
Application An abstract notion of 'Application'.
Authority A naming authority.
CatalogService A service that interacts with tables, and posesses coverage information.
ConeService A service that can perform a cone search
DataCollection A logical grouping of data.
DataService A service for accessing astronomical data.
HasCoverage A resource that contains coverage information.
Organisation An organization that is involved in the virtual observatory.
RegistryService An IVOA Registry Service
Resource Base class for all resources returned from an IVOA Registry.
Service A resource that can be invoked to perform some action.
SiapService An Image Access Service (SIAP)
SsapService A Spectral Access Service (SSAP).
StapService A Time Access Service (STAP).
TableService A service that interact with tables.
TapService A service that can perform a TAP query
VospaceService A service that provides VOSpace access.

Class Summary
AccessURL URL from which a capability of a service can be accessed.
BaseParam Abstract Class: A description of some kind of data value.
Capability Describes part of what a service does.
Catalog A catalog in a data collection.
ConeCapability The capability to perform an IVOA Cone Search
ConeCapability.Query A test query for a cone search service.
Contact Personal contact information
Content Metadata about the general content of a resource.
Coverage A description of how a resource's contents or behavior maps to the sky.
Creator The person or organisation responsible for creating a resource.
Curation Information regarding the general curation of a resource.
Date Date associated with an event in the life cycle of the resource.
Format Description of a data format that a service can return.
HarvestCapability Capability of harvesting a registry.
InputParam A parameter to a HTTP service interface.
Interface Gives access to a capability of a service.
ParamHttpInterface A service invoked via an HTTP Query.
RegistryCapability Abstract baseclass for all Registry capabilities.
Relationship A relationship between one resource and one or more other resources.
ResourceName The name of a potentially registered resource.
SearchCapability Capability to query a registry
SecurityMethod An access-control mechanism
SiapCapability The capability to perform a Simple Image Access (SIAP) query.
SiapCapability.ImageSize The limits for an image returned from a SIAP service.
SiapCapability.Query A test query for a SIAP service
SiapCapability.SkyPos A position in RA and Dec
SiapCapability.SkySize An extent in RA and Dec.
SimpleDataType A datatype for an InputParam.
Source A bibliographic reference.
SsapCapability The capability to perform a Simple Spectral Access (SSAP) query.
SsapCapability.PosParam The central coordinate of the spatial region to be searched.
SsapCapability.Query A test query for a SSAP service.
StapCapability The capability to perform a Simple Time Access (STAP) query.
StapCapability.Query A test query for a STAP service.
StcResourceProfile Spatial Coverage.
TableDataType A datatype supported by a VOTable.
TapCapability The capability to performa an IVOA TAP Query.
Validation A validation stamp for a resouce.
VospaceCapability The capability to access VOSpace
WebServiceInterface A service invoked using SOAP.

Package org.astrogrid.acr.ivoa.resource Description

Datastructures for IVOA Registry Resources

The classes in this package represent resources registered in an IVOA resource registry. A registry can by queried for resources using the Registry component. The result of a query will be one or more Resource objects.

See IVOA Registry Metadata Document

The resources returned from a query will typically be instances of one or more of the subclasses of Resource shown below:

Every resource is composed of the following elements

Furthermore, certain subclasses of resource contain additional elements:

Table Metadata

DataCollection, TableService and CatalogService provide table and column metadata. (Catalog and TableBean)


DataCollection and DataService describe spatial and waveband coverage (Coverage)


A Service is a resource that can be invoked to perform some action. The invokable actions are represented as a list of Capability, accessed from Service.getCapabilities(). Many kinds of invokable action are represented using a basic Capability object - however, there are subclasses that provide further metadata:

Each subclass of Service provides a convenience function to access the capability corresponding to that service. For example, ConeService provides a function findConeCapability() which returns a ConeCapability. Therefore, if a resource provides a Cone and Image query services (i.e. implements ConeService and SiapService), then Service.getCapabilities() will return at least two Capability objects, of which one will be a ConeCapability and another a SiapCapability

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