Package org.astrogrid.acr

Connect to the Astro Runtime


Class Summary
Finder Connect to an AstroRuntime Instance using RMI.

Exception Summary
ACRException Base type for all exceptions thrown by the AR interface.
InvalidArgumentException An incorrect or malformed value was passed as an input parameter.
NotApplicableException An operation was attempted with invalid parameters or state.
NotFoundException A required resource or service was not found.
SecurityException The user is not authorized to perform this operation.
ServiceException A low-level failure of service or network.

Package org.astrogrid.acr Description

Connect to the Astro Runtime

Start by creating an instance of the Finder class. This takes care of locating a running Astro Runtime service (possibly creating one if necessary) and returns an instance of ACR that is connected to the running service. The ACR object can then be used to access AR services. finder


The Astro Runtime interface deliberately defines a very small and simple set of exceptions. No other checked (or unchecked) exceptions are expected to be thrown from any methods in the interface. The inheritance hierarchy is as follows exceptions

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