This component provides a Common Execution Controller (CEC) web-service for running various asynchronous applications. It is part of the Common Execution Architecture (CEA) suite of software from Astrogrid.

This component is highly compliant with all the general IVOA Standards

  • UWS
  • VOSI
  • General Security
  • Registry
  • Delegation
  • VOSpace

This component can be used to "wrap" existing applications so that they are presented as IVOA standard web services. The applications are formally exposed to the rest of the VO as CEAApplications, which have initial parameter lists defined by their registry entries. This component provides support for wrapping

  • Commandline applications
  • Existing web form based HTTP applications
  • Custom written Java applications

Suitable applications are subject to two main constraints

  1. have no graphical interface
  2. need no user interaction once launched

These are some of the commandline applications already in use in AstroGrid.

  • SExtractor
  • HyperZ
  • BPZ
  • Pegase
  • Galaxev

You should install this component if you wish to allow virtual-observatory users to run selected applications on your computer. You choose the applications that may be run. You must obtain and install these applications; they are not supplied with the CL-CEC. The applications will run on the computer where you install the service, and you must provide sufficient resources (CPU, memory, disc space) for the applications to run efficiently.

Internal web-pages and local controls

The CEC web-application contains a copy of these web-pages. If you install the web application as, say, CEC-1 on server my.cea.server on port 8081, then the internal web pages are at


The copy of these pages that is bundled with the web service components has, in its sidebar, extra links leading to local controls for configuration such as Show current configuration for testing and registration. Therefore, while setting up the CEC, you should look at the internal pages. If you can't find the controls, you're probably reading the web pages on software.astrogrid.org instead.