Using this service

This server provides a dual interface for using the remotely defined applications, and it it possible, though perhaps not recommended, to control a single job with either interface.

SOAP services

The SOAP interface is the so called CEA Common Execution Connector interface defined by this WSDL and described in this IVOA Note . It is possible to write a custom application to access this web service with any standard SOAP toolkit. However, we recommend that you use one of the clients listed below.


The server also supports a Universal Worker Service (UWS) REST style interface described on the IVOA Site . This is generally easier to drive than the SOAP interface, making it possible to use, for example, a web browser to interact with a UWS service. This CEC has a basic web interface for interacting with UWS built-in, and accessible via the side-menus.

Test run of application
This allows the installed applications to be run in a simple fashion via a web form. After the application parameters are set a job is created in the UWS system.
UWS root
This is the root of the UWS system as defined in the IVOA Standard. The initial URL gives a list of jobs known to the CEC, which links to each job to allow further control such as aborting or deleting the job.



The recommended client for this CEC is the Astrogrid VODesktop .

This client not only provides a GUI for running the applications on the CEC, but also provides support for all of the interacting services that make up the Virtual Observatory - for example discovery and security are handled seamlessly.

The VODesktop also provides a programmatic interface to access all aspects of the VO via the AstroRuntime.

Java client

Astrogrid supplies a Java client for the SOAP service that deals with creating a authenticated SOAP connection to the server.