Project Dependency Management


The following is a list of compile dependencies in the DependencyManagement of this project. These dependencies can be included in the submodules to compile and run the submodule:

GroupId ArtifactId Version Type
com.sun.xml.bind jaxb-impl 2.1.8 jar
commons-beanutils commons-beanutils 1.6.1 jar
commons-collections commons-collections 3.0 jar
commons-jxpath commons-jxpath 1.2 jar
commons-logging commons-logging 1.1 jar
concurrent concurrent 1.3.1 jar
javax.activation activation 1.1 jar
javax.mail mail 1.4 jar
javax.servlet jstl 1.1.2 jar
javax.xml.bind jaxb-api 2.1 jar
junit junit 4.4 jar
log4j log4j 1.2.15 jar
net.ivoa ivoa-objects 2009.1 jar
org.acegisecurity acegi-security 1.0.3 jar
org.astrogrid acr-interface 1.2.3 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-common 2009.1 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-community-client 2008.0.01 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-community-common 2008.0.01 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-community-resolver 2008.0.01 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-community-server 2009.1 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-contracts 2009.1 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-filemanager-client 2008.0b2 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-filemanager-contract 2007.2.01fm jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-filestore-client 2007.2.01fs jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-filestore-common 2007.2.01fs jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-jes-delegate 2006.4j jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-pal-oldquery 2007.2pl jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-registry-client-lite 2008.2.01 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-registry-common 2008.2.01 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-security 2009.1 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-utils 2007.2ut jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-vospace-delegate 2009.1 jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-workflow-objects 2007.2wo jar
org.astrogrid astrogrid-xml 2007.2xml jar
org.astrogrid jsamp 0.3-1 jar
org.astrogrid vodesktop 1.2.3 jar
org.codehaus.castor castor jar
org.hibernate hibernate jar
oro oro 2.0.7 jar
picocontainer picocontainer 1.1 jar
regexp regexp 1.3 jar
taglibs standard 1.1.2 jar
tomcat catalina-ant 5.5.15 jar
xerces xercesImpl 2.8.0 jar
xmlunit xmlunit 1.0 jar


The following is a list of provided dependencies in the DependencyManagement of this project. These dependencies can be included in the submodules to compile the submodule, but should be provided by default when using the library:

GroupId ArtifactId Version Type
javax.servlet servlet-api 2.4 jar