GALAXEV computes the spectral evolution of stellar populations for a wide range of star formation history and stella rpopulation parameters. The latest source code and documentation (2003) can be found at:

To facilitate installation and testing a PYTHON script, written by Veronica Strazzullo (a student at ESO), is included here.
The python script acts as a friendly interface to executables and parameter files. It only requires a SExtractor-like inputfile and generates a set of output files from which spectra at different galaxy ages can be extracted as well as magnitudes, colors at varying redshifts for a standard set of filters.
The script, in its current form, does not include all possible star formation histories (but definitely enough for the Demo!) but could be easily generalized to do so.

One should always refer to the user manual in the doc directory ( for a clear explanation of the work flow.

Once the Bruzual-Charlot 03 package (bc03.tar.gz) has been installed and compiled, the example below shows how to use the script.


1) Edit "inputfile" and set parameters; see example inputfile and a more verbose version (not to be used as an inputfile!)

2) python inputfile

This runs 3 executables (after constructing all the appropriate input files):
i) csp_galaxev: compute spectral evolution
ii) galaxevpl: extract spectrum at chosen ages
iii) cm_evolution: compute redshift evolution

3)...and generates the following output files with self-explanatory headers
 (files more relevant for the Demo are highlighted):

test.1ABmag: AB magnitudes in SDSS filters as function of galaxy Age (see Table 2)
test.1color: mags and colors (Vega) as function of galaxy Age in standard filters
            (see Table 2 in the user manual)
test.2color: as above for more filter sets (see Table 2)
test.3color: spectral features et al. as function of galaxy Age (see Table 2)
test.4color: stellar masses, M/L ratios, etc. as function of galaxy Age (see Table 2)
test.5color: details...
test.6,7,8lsindx*: Lick indexes (see Table 2)
test_age5,7: Spectra (lambda & fluxes at chosen ages). See Sect.3.3
test.magnitude_F003: Magnitude redshift evolution in FILTER2 (see Table 6)
test.magnitude_F012: As above for FILTER1
test.color_F012_F003: Color redshift evolution in FILTER1-FILTER2 (see Table 6)
test.ised: Binary file containing all output information

If non-standard filters are used, filter responses should be added following instructions in Sec.3.4.

Specific information to extract from these files will depend on the details of Demo work flow for the section "data/models comparison".