Package org.astrogrid.samp.web

Classes relating to the SAMP Web Profile.


Interface Summary
ClientAuthorizer Defines authorization functionality which is used to determine whether a client is permitted to register with the hub.
OriginAuthorizer Controls which origins are authorized to perform cross-origin access to resources.

Class Summary
ClientAuthorizers Utility class containing ClientAuthorizer implementations.
CorsHttpServer HttpServer which allows or rejects cross-origin access according to the W3C Cross-Origin Resource Sharing standard.
HubSwingClientAuthorizer ClientAuthorizer implementation used by the Web Profile Hub to enquire from the user about authorization of clients applying to register.
LoggingCorsHttpServer CorsHttpServer subclass which performs logging to a given print stream at the HTTP level.
OpenPolicyResourceHandler HTTP resource handler suitable for serving static cross-origin policy files.
OriginAuthorizers Utility class containing OriginAuthorizer implementations.
SwingClientAuthorizer ClientAuthorizer implementation that queries the user for permission via a popup dialogue.
WebClientProfile ClientProfile implementation for Web Profile.
WebHubProfile HubProfile implementation for Web Profile.
WebHubProfileFactory HubProfileFactory implementation for Web Profile.

Package org.astrogrid.samp.web Description

Classes relating to the SAMP Web Profile.

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