Background Processes

This window is accessed from the menubar as 'window > show background processes', or by clicking the activity throbber at the bottom left hand corner of any window. The window shows some subset of the currently running background processes (i.e. running instances of org.astrogrid.desktop.modules.ui.BackgroundWorker.

When instantiating BackgroundWorker, a parent must be provided - either the owning window (a UIComponent) or the general UIContext. The parentage of background workers is used to categorize them.

Each item listed in the BackgroundProcesses window is a running background task. Buttons are provided to abort the task, and also to pop it out into it's own progress window. There's also facility for the background process to indicate how much progress it has made, and provide status messsages. Progress information and status messages are provided by the background worker subclass calling org.astrogrid.desktop.modules.ui.BackgroundWorker.setProgress(int, int) and org.astrogrid.desktop.modules.ui.BackgroundWorker.reportProgress(String) respectively.

See the javadoc for BackgroundWorker for more information on how to implement worker threads.