Release History

1.3.2 2010-1-28
1.3 2009-7-13 2009-5-1
1.2.3.rc1 2009-4-24
1.2.3.beta4 2009-4-17
1.2.3.beta3 2009-4-8
1.2.3.beta2 2009-3-30
1.2.3.beta1 2009-2-13
1.2.2 2008-11-10
1.2.1 2008-10-24
2008.1.2 2008-9-15
2008.1.1 2008-8-20
2008.1.1.rc1 2008-8-7
2008.1 2008-03-31
2008.1.rc2 2008-03-30
2008.1.rc1 2008-03-28
2008.1.beta5 2008-03-25
2008.1.beta4 2008-03-17
2008.1.beta3 2008-03-10
2008.1.beta2 2008-01-30
2007.4.beta1 2007-12-12
2007.4.alpha8 2007-11-27
2007.4.alpha7 2007-11-13
2007.4.alpha6 2007-10-08
2007.4.alpha5 2007-09-11
2007.4.alpha4 2007-08-23
2007.4.alpha3 2007-08-13
2007.4.alpha2 2007-08-06
2007.4.alpha1 2007-07-26
2007.3.alpha4 unreleased
2007.3.alpha3 unreleased
2007.3.alpha2 unreleased
2007.3.alpha1 unreleased
2007.2.pre7 unreleased
2007.2.pre5 unreleased
2007.2.pre1 unreleased
2007.1.1 2007-02-06
2007.1 2007-01-31
2006.4.151106 2006-11-15
2006.4.rc1 2006-11-06
2006.3.rc1 2006-06-28
2.2-beta-2 2006-04-27
2.2-beta-1 2006-04-25
1.6-beta-1 2006-04-12
1.5 2006-04-10
1.4 2006-03-06
1.3-1 2005-12-02
1.3 2005-11-23
1.1 2005-09-01
1.1-beta-3 2005-08-25
1.1-beta-2 2005-08-12
1.1-beta-1 2005-08-12
1.0.6-beta-1 2005-07-25
1.0.5 2005-07-10
1.0.4-beta 2005-07-08
1.0.3 2005-06-23
1.0.3-beta-2 2005-06-23
1.0.3-beta-1 2005-06-22
1.0.2-eso 2005-06-20
1.0.2-beta-2 2005-06-20
1.0.2-beta-1 2005-06-16

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Release 1.3.2 - 2010-1-28

add VOExplorer: added a popup warning when a static list query contains ivo id that do not exist in the registry. nw
update VOExplorer: updated examples lists, added a 'sandbox', moved 'recent changes' to top level nw
add VOExplorer: added 'description' field to xml representation of a resource list. If set, displays as a tooltip in the voexplorer resource tree. nw
remove VOExplorer: removed 'build cea query' option when resource also has a TAP capability. nw
fix Fixed irritating focus-grab by system tray popup messages on OSX nw
add VOExplorer: added menu operation 'Edit > Remove Selected Resources from this list' which allows user to remove items from a static list more conveniently than using the 'edit' view. nw
remove Removed security certificate downloader - no longer needed. nw
update Astroscope: made 'services table' the default view for new users. nw
remove Removed plastic hub from default startup. Can be re-enabled via preferences. nw
fix VOExplorer: Enabled editing of URL for existing subscriptions nw
update VOExplorer: Improved presentat ion of TAP services in smart list builder. nw
update VOExplorer: Updated presentation to recognize new standard IDS for VOSI and TAP nw
fix VOExplorer: Worked around a bug that prevented subscriptions to files in FTP. Bug still applies to SFTP, vospace. nw
add TAP client now included. gtr

Release 1.3 - 2009-7-13

fix Login now works correctly if main registry is down and only the fallback registry is working. kmb
fix Improve column suggestions provided by Multi Query dialogue "Magic Wand" button. Fixes 2941. mbt
fix Exponential format avoided in DAL requests; fixes problem with small angle searches. Fixes 2938. mbt
fix FileExplorer: fixed the "VO workspace" button to work sensibly with vos:// locations. gtr
add TaskRunner: all CEC jobs (including ADQL queries to DSA) now delegate credentials if the service has registered a delegation endpoint. This allows the service to talk to the user's private VOSpace. gtr
add Astro Runtime: added the getHome() method to UserInformation to reveal the user's home space. The value returned by this method is determined from the community at log-in time, so is always correct and, when the home space is in the ivo:// scheme, it is always a "concrete" IVORN. gtr

Release - 2009-5-1

fix tried to fix andys resourcelist problem. nw
update Preferences: alt registry endpoint changed to match new service (context now consistent between alt and main reg services). mbt

Release 1.2.3.rc1 - 2009-4-24

update VOExplorer: Updated example resource lists. nw
remove FileExplorer: Removed links to 'examples'. Will re-appear once an examples vospace is registered under ivo://org.astrogrid/examples nw
update Multi Cone: minor changes to UI labels. nw
update Updated VOSpace plugin. dave

Release 1.2.3.beta4 - 2009-4-17

add Added Multi-position Catalog search application. Can be launched from VOExplorer by selecting a catalog service, or by selecting a votable of positions in FileExplorer, or by sending a votable over SAMP. nw
update Voexplorer: Updated definitions of example resource lists to use new search targets 'capability' and 'resourcetype'. nw
fix Astroscope: disabled 'go to top' button when in services table view nw
fix Astroscope: position and offset now toggle correctly between sexagesimal and decimal degrees in results table. nw
fix Astroscope: Object names are now recorded in search history. nw
remove Astroscope: Removed automatic name-resolution in the Object name field. Instead, there's a button that the user must press to trigger a call to the sesame name resolver. nw
fix Voexplorer: edits to static lists now 'stick' without hitting 'enter'. nw
fix FileExplo rer: improved positioning of popup menu on drag-n-drop, and removed 'twitchyness' from folders list nw
update vospace: updated plugin, now handles remote-copy (through client), and filenames containing spaces, and file permissions. dave

Release 1.2.3.beta3 - 2009-4-8

add FileExplorer: Added 'examples' directory - contains example queries and scripts, appears in file explorer and file-load dialogues. nw
add Samp / Plastic: Used internal webserver to provide access to files in vospace and other odd locations - means that, eg. a votable from anywhere can be sent to topcat. nw
update Voexplorer: Updated metadata and querying options. nw
fix UI: improved focus in dialogues. nw
remove UI: Removed VoMon information, replaced with more reliable info from Vosi where available. nw
fix File Explorer: Improved performance and reliability when working with myspace or vospace. nw

Release 1.2.3.beta2 - 2009-3-30

update updated glazedlists library to latest version nw
add Set HTTP Agent to report AstroRuntime as the client. nw
add Added SAMP messaging - Plastic messaging is still present too. nw
add AR: Added simple XML access to registry resources. Used when exchanging resources in SAMP messages. nw
fix File Explorer: Fixed multiple-listeners bug Thanks to Dave Morris . nw
fix AR: Improved error reporting for faulty XQuery. nw
add VOExplorer: Added 'Publi cation' action to left pane and menu - opens a webpage about associated bibcode. nw
update VOExplorer: Updated 'Download Tables' and 'Send Tables via PLASTIC' to work with new version of Vizier service. nw
add AR: Added a File API that provides uniform access to different kinds of file system - local disk, ftp, sftp, myspace, http, vospace nw

Release 1.2.3.beta1 - 2009-2-13

add Commandline: Added 'browse' option to, Implemented for executing remote applications (CEA). Improved to accept simple query language. nw
add AR: Registry service can now be queried using the simple query language used in VOExplorer smart lists. This is more usable than xquery. nw
fix VOExplorer: new installation now creates user-annotations.xml file Fixes 2883. nw
fix Astroscope: Fixed incorrect reporting of number-of-services Fixes 2884. nw
fix AR: Applications API more forgiving to user input - accepts IVORN of CEA server in place of expected IVORN of CEA application, for cases where CEA server only provides one application. This commonly occurs in DSA servers. nw
fix AR: util.tables component was unavailable in previous release. Added integration tests to verify availability of all components. nw
fix Astroscope: work-around for quirks in NED service. Now only uses 'VERB' parameter in query if registration says it is supported. Fixes 2856. nw
fix VoExplorer: 'any field' smartlist query now works correctly. Fixes 2870. nw
update AR: Updated to work with changed response schema from CDS's Sesame name resolver. nw
fix AR: Improved parsing of DAL (Cone, Siap, Ssap) responses, with more detailed reporting of lack of metadata. nw
fix File Explorer: Improved drag-n-drop behaviour of file table. nw
fix File Explorer: Improved behaviour of popup menus in file table. nw
update AR: Improved formatting of in-program API documentation (as seen from component system.apihelp, and via browser interface) nw

Release 1.2.2 - 2008-11-10

fix TaskRunner: Fixed a bug in the XML parsing of registry resources as defined in the latest Common Execution Architecture standard. nw

Release 1.2.1 - 2008-10-24

add TaskRunner: Experimental support for IVOA Table Access Protocol (TAP). A simplified query-builder window is presented when a TAP service is selected in VOExplorer. nw
add AR: Updated to latest version (0.4) of the IVOA Standard 'Virtual Observatory Support Interfaces' (VOSI). VOSI is used within VOExplorer and TaskRunner to check that services are operable and to query for their expected availability. VOSI queries can now be made by scripts and programs using the AstroRuntime library. nw

Release 2008.1.2 - 2008-9-15

fix Upgraded security to 2008.2.01. Fixes 2827. gtr

Release 2008.1.1 - 2008-8-20

add AR: implemented registry resource choosing dialog, and cea tool editing dialogue nw
add TaskRunner: Implemented 'New Task' button - displays a list of available tasks. nw
add UI: Added a 'change password' dialogue. nw
fix Voexplorer: Vizier resources with multiple tables can all be downloaded / sent via plastic nw
fix Astroscope: Debugged sending spectrum fits files to splat Fixes 2813. nw
fix Tidied plastic shutdown. Fixes 2814. nw

Release 2008.1.1.rc1 - 2008-8-7

fix astroscope: improved parsing of non-standard ssap services Fixes 2767. nw
add astroscope: added position and offset columns to results table. nw
fix astroscope: resource table and coverage metadata now shown in services table details, added 'Results' filterwheel to services table. nw
add astroscope: when a large query is encountered, user is warned and display flips to services table nw
add astroscope: added transient warning when search radius is greater than 1.0 nw
fix Task Runner: File selection dialogue navigates to vospace where necessary Fixes 2805. nw
add UI: Remember user's preferred views for nex ttime nw
add voexplorer: added mode to protect registry from overlarge novice queries. nw
fix Plastic: connect to external hub if already running. Fixes 2692. nw
fix AR: Changed default address for AR and plastic connections to 'localhost' Fixes 2785, 2151, 1799. nw
fix AR: xmlrpc is now tolerant of a wider character set in data returned from registry. Fixes 2790. nw
fix astr oscope: recognizes fits files as spectra, so they can be sent via plastic nw
add voexplorer: added indication when tabular metadata view contains data nw
fix voexplorer: service test query no longer reports a failure as a ui error Fixes 2763. nw
fix sesame service endpoint can now be altered. Fixes 2494. nw
fix File Explorer: 'new folder' dialogue now displays correctly. Fixes 2778. nw
fix Voexplorer: Improved presentation of validation level. nw
fix AR: now accepts CEA tool structures with repeated parameters. Fixes 2253. nw
update VOExplorer : Altered registry resource caching scheme -faster and better cache usage. nw
add Astroscope: pre fill search form with testquery parameters, if available. nw
fix Astroscope: Updated registry querying to process as a stream - improves performance nw
fix Plastic: errors when sending plastic messages are now displayed in click-to-dismiss dialogues. Fixes 2718. nw
fix Voexplorer: slightly improved presentation of STC coverage - still no STC renderer through nw
fix Voexplorer: added waveband column to voexplorer / astroscope resource table nw
fix VoExplorer, Astroscope , AR: Altered to work with new CDS resource format. nw
fix QB: Cures loss of focus after certain edits in QB Fixes 2756. jl
fix QB: Tool tips for columns and tables in menus and tree view Fixes 2757. jl
update Checked all dependent libraries for updates. nw
update updated build and source to work with Java 1.5 (and start to take advantage of it) nw
remove Removed separate builds for asr, hub, etc. nw
fix QB: ROUND and TRUNCATE fixed. Fixes 2733. jl
fix QB: Fixed cardinalities for Maths and Trig functions. Fixes 2735. jl
fix QB: Explicit joins are now carried out more tastefully. The join condition is checked for tables. If required, tables are included automatically. Fixes 2736. jl
fix Astroscope: Fixed obscure race-condition. Fixes 2724. nw

Release 2008.1 - 2008-03-31

fix force update of vospace filesizes. Fixes 2679. mbt

Release 2008.1.rc2 - 2008-03-30

fix Improved SSAP handling in astroscope Fixes 2689. nw
fix Fixed race condition at startup of fetching helpmap (as seen by Dave). nw
fix fixed code error in content-type filter. Fixes 2681. nw
fix Increased defensive coding in resource parser. This will fix problems seen when doing reg query through AR nw

Release 2008.1.rc1 - 2008-03-28

fix added to, and made uniform, UI help tags. nw
fix Freshened all example resource lists. Made the examples location a preference Fixes 2640. nw
fix VOExplorer left-right resizing now works properly. Fixes 2609. mbt
update Updated to latest browser-control library Fixes 2677. nw
fix Improved synchroniation to prevent concurrent modification exceptions in helio/astroscope. Fixes 2665. nw
fix Added preference to enable chunking of transfers to filestore. Fixes 2675. nw
add Added button to fire an availability query from voexplorer nw
fix Altered initial capacity settings of HtmlBuilder and reviewed instances of StrBuilder Fixes 2640. nw
add Added tooltip of login information - including DN - to login indicator. nw
add Improved display of security info in voexplorer, and force login when trying to execute a secured service in taskrunner. nw
fix Minor fix to style sheets to correct Group By error in ADQL. Fixes 2673. jl
fix Another minor fix to the sizing of Query Builder. Renamed the comment tab in QB to Comment rather than Information plus icon change. Slightly more tasteful failure if tabular metadata not found. Improved comment processing. (added C and C++ style) Fixes 2649. jl

Release 2008.1.beta5 - 2008-03-25

add Display test queries in resources, and allow them to be executed. nw
fix Query size estimator gives total size of registry. Fixes 2666. nw
update Upgraded parser to handle SSAP v0.4 resource schema nw
fix FileExplorer: fixed handling of spaces in filepath. nw
fix Improved appearance on windows nw
fix System tray now responds to right and left mouse clicks nw
fix Provide better info when sending vizier tables via plastic. nw
fix Improved filenames generated when downloading vizier tables. nw

Release 2008.1.beta4 - 2008-03-17

fix Tables should not be case sensitive in ADQL. Fixes 2639. jl
fix Execute button enabled and populated within TaskRunner. Some failsafe checking when trying to retrieve tabular metadata. Some ivorns within registry inconsistent on case when used as a foreign key. Fixes 2632. jl
fix Renable astroscope search button when resolve fails. Fixes 2624. nw
fix Resource list popup menu on OS X no longer deselects selected resource. Fixes 2610. mbt
fix File dialogue remembers position last browsed to. Fixes 2422. nw
fix File dialogue can now display in list view. Fixes 2439. nw
fix Improved progress display of self tests. Fixes 2629. nw
fix test for running on low memory. Fixes 2613. nw
fix Changed text colour in smart list progress bar for readability. Fixes 2532. mbt
fix Finally fixed problems with initial expansion state of resource list tree. Fixes 2430. mbt

Release 2008.1.beta3 - 2008-03-10

fix Resizing query builder. Fixes 2362. jl
fix Fix VOSpace problems via AR (now use filemanager-client-2008.0b2). Fixes 2578. pah
fix Work around bug which caused preference saving to fail at java 1.6. Fixes 2595. mbt
fix Multiple capabilities (even of the same kind) per resource now supported in AstroScope. Fixes 2562. mbt
fix In-context menu reintroduced into Query Builder Fixes 2418. jl
add New network preferences configuration panel enables configuration of HTTP proxy and other network syste m preferences. Fixes 2559. mbt
fix Make sure resources tree is expanded when first viewed. Fixes 2430. mbt
fix "concrete" myspace ivorns used to call cea server Fixes 2547. pah
fix Final aspects of ADQL folded into Query Builder Fixes 2546. jl
fix Retrieval of metadata for Query Builder now at Registry v1.0 Fixes 2560. jl

Release 2008.1.beta2 - 2008-01-30

fix URLs now visible in voexplorer resource display Fixes 2520. nw
Corrected labelling of STAP services Thanks to silvia . nw
Pointed help at beta site Fixes 2526. nw
update Upgraded registry client and parser to registry v1.0 nw
fix TabularMetadataViewer. Fixed NPE when column value null. Fixed incorrect inclusion of columns after a sort. Fixes 2419. jl
fix Improved :8080 selftest. Fixes 2466. nw
fix Fixed filename-related bug on windows. Fixes 2465. nw

Release 2007.4.beta1 - 2007-12-12

fix Astroscope: made popup query failure messages configurable. Fixes 2348. nw
add Astroscope: Added icons to service types, and nodes that have result files associated - assists navigation, and makes it clear where results are present in the tree. nw
add Astroscope: completed results table view. nw
remove Astroscope: removed Vizier search protocol, as the search url format used (e.g. & DEC=40.865889 & SR=0.01 ) has stopped wor king. A replacement is not documented on the CDS site. nw
add Helioscope: Implemented as a subset of Astroscope resources nw
fix TaskRunner: fixed missing class error when executing an ADQL query. Thanks to kevin . nw
update Astroscope: Hide service-type balloons for those service-types that are not being queried. nw
fix Astroscope: Corrected parsing of siap and ssap service responses. Fixes 1729. nw

Release 2007.4.alpha8 - 2007-11-27

fix System tray: added additional armour to fallback if system tray fails after initialization. Fixes 2427. nw
add AR: added configuration preferences to assist running in low-bandwidth environments nw
update UI: improved interface to background processes - progress reporting, viewing, retry. nw
update VOExplorer: improved formatted of resource contents nw
update UI: reviewed modal dialogues, replaced with non-modal where sensible nw
fix Self tests: added a 'help' button Fixes 2415. nw
fix VOExplorer: Fixed word-wrapping in annotation boxes Fixes 2417. nw
fix Task Runner: enabled refresh operation Fixes 2420. nw
fix Self tests: made tests less twitchy, improved ui, and made less intrusive. Fixes 2414. nw
fix Task Runner: Improved formatting and accessability of error messages and transcripts. Fixes 2409. nw
fix fixed misconfigured registry endpoint Fixes 2411. nw
update improved usability of astroscopes position-resolving input field. nw

Release 2007.4.alpha7 - 2007-11-13

fix Added upload and download buttons to fileexplorer Fixes 2317. nw
fix repaint of status balls in login dialogue Fixes 2389. nw
update Filled out the application menubars, guided by Apple usability docs. Added cut / copy / paste support. Some work still to do on astroscope menus. nw
fix Made any plastic operation selectable, regardless of whether type information matches. Fixes 2377. nw
update Extended drag-n-drop integration with host OS (drag files between fileExplorer and local text editor / file manager). Works on OSX, partly on Ubuntu, not yet on Windows nw
add Changed VOExplorer resource lists component from a JList to a JTree. Associated changes include providing subscribed lists/folders and folder import/export. mbt
fix Astroscope / AR: improved detection of DAL error responses. Fixes 1837. nw
fix AR: made STAP service accessible from XMLRPC Fixes 2189. nw
fix Fixed vizier search with +ve declination Fixes 2372. nw
fix Implemented missing registry method. Fixes 2148. nw
fix AR: util.tables now accepts CSV as input. Fixes 2116. nw
update Updated AR dialogues: login, toolEditor, fileChooser and resourceChooser to use latest UI nw
add Added self-tests on startup to detect and warn about common problems ( no network, core services unavailable, etc) nw

Release 2007.4.alpha6 - 2007-10-08

fix Taskrunner: myspace outputs now appear Fixes 2334. nw
fix Taskrunner: fixed access to results. Fixes 2349. nw
fix Fileexplorer: can now send fits files over plastic. Fixes 2354. nw
add Taskrunner: passes a menu to QB to be used as a context-menu nw
fix Taskrunner: more helpful handling of file:// indirect parameters Fixes 1894. nw
update Taskrunner: improved form layout and help display, based on review suggestions nw
add Xmlrpc AR interface: serialized beans now provide type information nw
add Activities: when an activity is triggered on a large selection (> 30 items), user is prompted to confirm. nw
add File dialogue: added separate input field to specify filename. nw
fix General: Improved error handling and reporting nw
add Taskrunner: records parameter set used in each invocation, and offers ability to reload this parameterset back into the editor. nw
fix Taskrunner: renamed and debugged the 'reveal file' action. - now does a refresh if file is not present. nw
update Voexplorer: Tidied up annotations xml format - all previous annotations will be lost. Improved annotation store performance, and annotation ui. nw
add Voexplorer: Added 'select all' and 'invert selection' menu operations. nw
fix Voexplorer: fixed ui snag Fixes 2300. nw
remove Activities: Removed scirpting again - very memory inefficient - need to rethink and come up with a different approach. nw

Release 2007.4.alpha5 - 2007-09-11

add Added ability to directly download / send to plastic vizier tables from voexplorer nw
fix Improved layout of voexplorer window nw
fix Improved display of annotations in resource table and details pane. nw
update Implemented new list of resourcelists in voexplorer nw
fix Query Builder. Reinstated one-touch expansion for split pane. Corrected inability to see diagnostics and history panes. Eliminated Adql/x validation messages in favour of AdqlCompiler messages. Fixes 2277. jl
add VoExplorer sends and accepts bibcode plastic messages - for paperscope integration nw
fix Fixed fileexplorer window size. nw
fix Altered tables to have white background in metal LAF nw
remove Removed misleading 'test' button. Fixes 2301. nw
fix Fixed construction of UI code so it's always on eventDispatchThread. This fixes some of the problems seen under Windows / Java 6 nw
update Updated file chooser dialogue to use new FileExplorer UI nw
add Indicate 'handoff' with a transient popup notification when plastic message is sent to another application nw

Release 2007.4.alpha4 - 2007-08-23

fix in smart list query editor, form values persist when switching between criteria. nw
add Added a 'rename' operation to tasks list. nw
add Added a starter XQuery to the xquery editor box. nw
add Added filterwheel options for ImageServiceType nw
fix Fixed colours of query size indicator Fixes 2274. nw
fix File explorer views now clean up on user logout - now possible to cleanly switch between different user accounts. Fixes 2293. nw
fix Fixed selection shading for 'list' view. Fixes 2279. nw
fix Minor improvements to file explorer nw
fix Astroscope now launches again. Fixes 2285. nw

Release 2007.4.alpha3 - 2007-08-13

add Provided option to configure which columns are displayed in VOExplorer resource display table. mbt
add Implemented the basic operations in fileexplorer - copy, delete, rename, move, newFolder nw
add Added a column number column to table metadata viewer. nw
fix Improved error trapping and reporting in taskrunner Fixes 2272. nw
add Added operation to task runner results view to reveal indirect results in file explorer. nw
add Result files in task runner can be dragged and dropped to file explorer to save them to myspace or local disk. nw
fix Execute button now populates in query builder. Fixes 2273. nw
fix TaskRunner doesn't barf when encountering an unknown cea server Fixes 2270. nw
fix Improved efficiency and caching behaviour of myspace file view nw

Release 2007.4.alpha2 - 2007-08-06

fix VOExplorer searches halt completely when pressing the 'stop search' button. nw
fix Fixed a problem with displaying contents of a voexplorer folder after creating / editing that folder. nw
fix Usability enhancements to task runner: made full adql editor resizable, remembered adql editor expansion state and parameter values when flipping between tool interfaces Fixes 2260. nw
update Improved presentation of vomon information in login dialogue nw
add Reimplemented taskrunner 'execute' button to present a choice of available servers. nw
fix Clarified the function of the filter field by adding 'gray text' and a 'clear filter' button. Fixes 2255. nw
update Altered persistence format for resource lists to more human-friendly xml. nw
add TaskRunner: Added tooltips showing message history for tasks nw
fix Task Runner now shows file results even when in myspace root directory nw
fix Removed the 'load from storage' button for simple types - boolean, enumeration, integer and float-like types. Show a specialzed input for radius parameters - detected when name=Radius or ucd=PHYS_SIZE_RADIUS. Added ability to 'pin' parameter help by clicking on the parameter heading. Made an effort to get parameter help to appear when mouse-overing input dialogues. Fixes 2261. nw
fix Improved progress reporting of tasks - progress starts earlier, and shows more, more often. Fixes 2257. nw

Release 2007.4.alpha1 - 2007-07-26

fix Fixes related to entering positions and radii in AstroScope. Only 1-d radius can now be entered; sexagesimal- > decimal conversion bugs are fixed; position and radius parsing is more lenient (e.g. permits embedded spaces and leading + signs); and 'sexagesimal' display of radius is now in decimal arcseconds rather than See bugs 1824, 1939, 2185. mbt
fix Improved the way the PLASTIC hub deals with orphaned .plastic files - no more annoying user messages. See bug 2248. jdt
add Added the first few operations to file explorer. nw
add Added the first few operations to file explorer. nw
add Implemented Task Runner UI nw
add Integrated ADQL Query Builder with Task runner, and enabled it to operate on catalogues and cea applications. nw
update Merged tabular metadata viewers used in voexplorer and query builder nw
update Reworked remote execution framework nw
removed Removed old application launcher UI nw
add Implemented minimalistic ui for when system tray is not available nw
fix remote execution framework consults vomon to choose suitable server nw
fix Debugged AR ADQL parser nw

Release 2007.3.alpha4 - unreleased

add Added icons for types / capabilities of resources to voexplorer. nw
add Added filtering of boring system services from voexplorer nw
fix Debugged -configFile and -configURL options. Updated -list to generate a configuration file that can be passed back to AR. Thanks to . nw
remove Removed confusing -D commandline option. Thanks to . nw
fix Fixed error reported as org.astrogrid.desktop.modules.system.HivemindFileSystemManager does not contain a property named 'temporaryFileStore'. Thanks to . nw
add Added Configuration.reset() to the public AR interface. Provided access to this from HTML and UI preferences interfaces. nw
fix fixed system-properties-overriding-preferences bug. System properties now take precedence. nw
remove Removed scripting activities - performance was poor in the current approach. Replace with a wizard-driven implementation. nw
fix Improved logging of startup process, and configured logging to a file. nw
fix Re-worked UI to remove use of popup modal dialogues where possible nw
fix Fixed behaviour of vomon on shutdown of cache. nw
fix Streamlined the startup process - parsing of CertificatesList, etc now more on background threads. nw
fix Mended build process, added generation of javadoc, hivedoc, and configuration key docs. nw
fix Javadoc improvments nw
fix First bug fixes for Query Builder after VOExplorer development. Requires new version of AdqlStoX: astrogrid.adqlstox.version=2007.2sx Requires new version of adql xmlbeans: astrogrid.adql_v1_0a2.version=1.2-b000xmlbeans Fixes 2152. jl

Release 2007.3.alpha3 - unreleased

add Denoted which features of the UI are alpha / beta / unimproed quality. nw

Release 2007.3.alpha2 - unreleased

add Implemented script frameworks. nw
update Merged astroscope and helioscope, integrated with action system. Added support for space + time STAP queries. Implemented tabular result display in astroscope nw
fix Various fixes and relabelling suggested by Andy Reworked menus. nw

Release 2007.3.alpha1 - unreleased

add Added search builder, split voexplorer and fileexplorer into separate windows, and other suggestions from Andy. nw

Release 2007.2.pre7 - unreleased

add Made a start on an activities framework. nw
remove Removed old main window nw
add Implementing File Explorer nw
add Session support - AR is now multi-user. nw

Release 2007.2.pre5 - unreleased

add First draft of voexplorer nw
remove Removed workflow editor, parameterized worlflow launcher, various other bits that won't be in voexplorer nw

Release 2007.2.pre1 - unreleased

add Implemented Registry Explorer nw
update Reviewed and tidied up icons. nw
add (1) Removal of Adql/x view unless in advanced mode. Read only when present. (2) Partial merging of tree and Adql/s views. (3) Introduction of an edit history pane. (4) Introduction of Edit drop down menu. (5) Now uses a more advanced version of AdqlStoX. Fixes 2032. jl

Release 2007.1.1 - 2007-02-06

remove Removed stripping of axis and security jars. Larger filesize, but ukidss access works again. nw
fix Improved display of registry entry content - type of registry entry. nw
fix Improved astroscope service response parsing - handles ISO response correctly. nw

Release 2007.1 - 2007-01-31

fix registry explorer renders urls with odd schemes correctly. Fixes 1970. nw
fix Fixed xml display when reg explorer is empty. Fixes 1855. nw
add Implemented preference system. Makes it simple to: altering caching behavior, location of working directory, registry endpoint, etc. nw
update Replaced javahelp system with linkage to website nw
fix Cleaned out and improved unit and integration tests nw
add Added AR interface to vomon monitoring service. Used this to improve UI (login dialogue, registry google) nw
fix On startup, workbench will fallback to local copies of config if wiki is unavailable. Set shorter timeout for connecting to wiki. nw
fix Combination of fixes. Dependent on fix #2020 on the AdqlStoX compiler. Solves bugs #2023 and #2025 (1) The different views for Adql are consulted before executing a query just in case there are errors or uncommitted edits. (2) Quoted identifiers are allowed (eg: "2xmmp" for a table name) but the xml given to the dsa remains the same. Fixes 2022, 2023, 2025. jl

Release 2006.4.151106 - 2006-11-15

add Workbench - Query Builder: Adql/s view now uses new AdqlStoX compiler. AdqlStoX dependency added. Fixes 1794. jl
fix Workbench - Myspace: fles of size less than 1kb are reported as 1kb, not 0kb. nw
update Packaging: Updated plastic library to latest release jdt
update Packaging: Updated various 3rd party libraries to latest releases - xfire, ehcache nw
update Packaging: Updated minimum supported java version to 1.4.2 nw
fix Workbench: Improved reliability of opening web pages from workbench Fixes 1958. nw
add Workbench - Usability: Reimplemented file chooser dialogue, based in dialogue used in Topcat. Still experimental. Fixes 1885. nw

Release 2006.4.rc1 - 2006-11-06

add Workbench: Enabled UKIDSS access. UKIDSS ADQL and Cone services can now by queried from Task Launcher. gtr
add Workbench - Registry Search: Task Launcher, Workfllow Editor and Astroscope components use fast streaming registry client. Formatting of registry entries is improved. Responsiveness improved by caching registry records. Deleted applications and services aren't displayed anymore. Fixes 1814. nw
add Workbench - Query Builder: sort columns within metadata display. Clicking on column header sorts alphabetically, either ascending or descending. Fixes 1790. jl
add Workbench: Added list of available communities to login dialogue Fixes 1788. nw
add Workbench - Science workflows: added ability to save the workflow without executing it. Fixes 1882. pjn
add Packaging: stripping unused code to reduce executable size. nw
add Plastic: Astroscope, Myspace, Lookout now send Spectra Plastic Messages. nw
add AstroRuntime: DAL (C one, SIAP, SSAP) interface - Added methods to return a parsed version of the query response, and to save selected datasets. nw
add AstroRuntime: Implemented interface to standard IVOA registry; Uses a streaming parser and improved data model. Fixes 1413, 1574. nw
add AstroRuntime: Improved Sesame name resolver interface. nw
add AstroRuntime: Added votable manipulator (STIL) interface Fixes 1585. nw
update Workbench: Reorganized front pane tabs and buttons. pjn
update Workbench: Updated helper application links nw
update Workbench: Updated splashscreens and icons nw
fix Astroscope - Usability: Save object names in search history; Indicate completed searches; Indicate number of results from each service; Added save button to heliscope; Corrected 'Go To Top' button label and set added shortcut key. Fixes 1719. kmb
fix Workbench - Usability: Changed file open icon; Improved MySpaceBrowser menus Fixes 1889,1892,1896. pjn
fix AstroRuntime: honours user registry endpoint settings; no longer fails if connected to by applications a second time. Fixes 1836, 1726. jdt
fix Astroscope: handles non-standard siap responses; updates display when plastic application connects. Fixes 1780, 1777. nw
fix Workbench - Lookout: can now delete from list of workflows. Fixes 1710. nw
fix Workbench - QueryBuilder: Sorting of tables before metadata display. Correction of bug in metadata display preventing display when archive separately chosen. Correction of displaying of brackets in Query Builder Fixes 1768. jl
fix Workbench - Usability: Fixed 'enter' or 'return' to work on Registry panel for workflow. Fixes 1366. kmb
fix Plastic: Improved concurrency behaviour of Plastic hub, added more tests; Made hub more robust to duff clients; Hub now only unregisters xmlrpc clients when there's an IOException, not if the client faults; fixed XML-RPC return type conversion; Assorted other fixes: hub now self registers properly and responds to messages such as getName; Rephrased pop-up text on plastic registration; Removed "list" plastic applications button from all variants except plastic hub-only AR. Fixes 1762, 1734, 1757. jdt

Release 2006.3.rc1 - 2006-06-28

add Implemented a right-click 'Send-To' menu to send a data item to browser, local disk, or PLASTIC application. Send-To menu is available in Lookout, Myspace Browser, Astroscope and Helioscope. nw
add Implemented snitching and update checking. nw
add Added menubar to astroscope and helioscope nw
add Added MyProxy Authentication Fixes 1537. gtr
update Query Builder: Nesting of logical constructs AND/OR massaged. Plus minor refactoring. Fixes 1626. jl
fix Query Builder: Adql/x pane now makes explicit call to org.astrogrid.oldquery.sql.Sql2Adql Fixes 1664. jl
fix Reworked scheduled tasks - update of all are displayed in UI nw
fix Added back in missing registry chooser nw
fix Improved handing of name resolving in astroscope nw
fix Improved Astroscope and Helioscope window layout kmb
fix Plastic: HubStopping message is sent. jdt
update Plastic: if you now register with an empty list of supported messages then you get what you asked for - ie nothing. In other words, an empty list no-longer means "send me everything" jdt

Release 2.2-beta-2 - 2006-04-27

fix Fixed startup problems with windows webstart version of workbench. nw
add Added 'halt query' button to astroscope. Also added a 'halt all tasks' button to the tasks list (which does much the same thing, but is available in all windows) nw
add Added the ability to toggle and convert when needed between degrees and sexagesimal numbers for Astroscope. required new dependency from a stilt package, visually new toggle button. PositionTextField now used for input boxes, but will require refactoring later to pull out conversion routines to a better class. kmb
add Added in MyProxy stubs gtr
add Added configuration option to set IP address for the webserver to use (necessary for dual-nic machines) Thanks to Francesco Pierfederici . nw
fix Made helpsets configurable nw
fix Added browser control for non-webstart versions Thanks to Mark Taylor . nw

Release 2.2-beta-1 - 2006-04-25

update Split monolithic Workbench into AR family Converted system from picocontainer to hivemind. nw

Release 1.6-beta-1 - 2006-04-12

fix Made the Finder more robust to orphaned ACR config files. Also now can prompt the user before starting the ACR, and prompt if the start up is taking too long. jdt
fix Plastic: showObjects message wasn't working for xml-rpc. Plastic: added an option to show debug information from the workbench console. Fixes 1624. jdt
update Query Builder: Command structure in place and working. Visually the only change is the addition of an undo/redo facility. Fixes 1605. jl

Release 1.5 - 2006-04-10

fix Corrected astroscope to show offset in arcseconds (previously was in decimal degrees) kmb
update Updated Plastic version to 0.4 jdt
add Hub now writes out its ivorn into the .plastic file and only overwrites this file (if found) if it belongs to the ACR. Polite behaviour in case other hubs are running. jdt
add Hub is now protected against Exceptions thrown by RMI clients. jdt
update Updated to use AstroGrid release 2006.2 nw
add Helioscope: minor changes to make the combo box editable and val node to show only the startdate as the label. kmb
fix Fixed Plastic hub shutdown message, which wasn't always getting sent. jdt
update Upgraded the Plastic Library. jdt
fix Fixed problem with xml-rpc apps not receiving messages when they register for specific messages. Fixes 1610. jdt
add Workflow builder: Feedback from Silvia - stripping transcripts opens new builder window, and tooltips altered. Registry browser: Basic tree view panel onto returned data added pjn
fix Helioscope/Stap: Just small clean up areas really. such as siap->stap in comments. Changed helioscope date to back date such as year 2000-1-1T00:00:00. kmb
fix Query Builder: Problem inserting column references with new template query. Fixes 1606. jl
add Added ability to access VizieR tables as Cone Search. Appears in Application Launcher. Not yet in astroscope - needs a stream-reading soap client for registry entries. nw
add Query Builder: Improvements to low level editing of tree view. Fixes 1542. jl
add WorkflowBuilder: details of any workflows loaded from storage now displayed - was a request for portal, but added to workbench. Fixes 1234. pjn
add Various useability improvements: Menubar on application launcher and new tool clears old info, dialog sizing issue, parameter editor column headings less criptic pjn
add Helioscope: Rough draft of the first helioscope. Fixes 1542. kmb

Release 1.4 - 2006-03-06

add Query Builder: structured adql added. Metadata pane displays table structure. Synchronized editing of adql/s and adql/x; Auto-chooses dataset if possible. jl
add Workflow Transcript Viewer added. Integrated with Lookout; can strip transcript and re-open in workflow editor pjn
add Workflow Editor: Added script validation; Added cut/copy/pase and import/export to script editor; added menu options for insert, for use with Macs pjn
add Astroscope: summarizes services called; displays spectra; integration with ESA VoSpec; datatips remain visible as long as mouse hovers over; plasticized nw
fix Astroscope: Improved tooltips; made table of services sortable; improved node display kmb
add Registry Search: enabled use of AND / OR in searches; enabled filters in full-text search. kmb
fix Registry Search: Improved display pjn
add Plastic: Implemented polling listeners for applications that can't directly receive messages; added methods to allow clients to get information about each other. jdt
fix Plastic: bug fixing; lots of unit tests; consistency between RMI and XMLRPC; jdt
add ACR: SSAP component nw

Release 1.3-1 - 2005-12-02

update updated to latest version of stil (2.3-1) nw
fix Improved votable parsing in astroscope nw
fix Improved parsing of registry entries, made more error-tolerant - more services displayed in astroscope. kmb,gtr,nw
add Thread-pooling, leads to speedups, and better reporting - esp in astroscope nw
fix fixes, help added application launcher. pjn
add Merged in Plastic. Fixes 1478. jdt

Release 1.3 - 2005-11-23

add AstroScope - query all registered siap and cone services, vizualize and navigate results, save data locally or to myspace kmb
add Completed JES Workflow editor. pjn
fix Improved Query and Application launcher for CEA / SIAP / CONE services. Handles repeating and optional parameters. pjn, nw
add Registry Google - search, browse and select formatted registry entries. kmb, pjn, nw
add NVO DataScope launcher - saves results from datascope into myspace kmb
add VO Lookout - launch, monitor, and control remote processes (CEA / SIAP / Cone queries and tasks, JES workflows). View results. nw
add In-program help - some documentation there, more to com e nw
add ACR support for Siap and Cone services - low level interface, plus integration with remote process system. Fixes 1392. nw
add Upload and unzip archives to myspace kmb
fix hide left-hand button bar on startup - less daunting for beginners. nw
add Basic ADQL query builder nw
fix added fallback registry endpoint to configuraiton nw
update Moved more jars into extensions, updated versions. (Axis 1.3, new Astrogrid libraries) nw
fix Fixed myspace upload to work under java 1.5. Fixed documentation for getWriteContentURL() Thanks to Mark Taylor . nw
fix Broken report a bug link in help. Fixes 1448. jdt
fix Stopped VOSpace browser intialising with a disabled tab selected. Fixes 1365. jdt
fix Improved icons and other cosmetic improvements nw

Release 1.1 - 2005-09-01

update Based on 1.1-beta-3 nw

Release 1.1-beta-3 - 2005-08-25

fix myspace tree is cleared on logout Fixes 1328. nw
fix improved display of folders in myspace. Fixes 1327. nw
fix fixed bug in 'Myspace.getWriteContentURL()' and improved documentation Thanks to Mark Taylor . nw
add Added 'reset configuration' option to help menu Thanks to Richard Holbrey . nw
add Added user information object to community nw
add Added listener interface to acr shutdown - so clients have chance to veto, and are a t least notified of this happening nw
fix Fixed parsing of application registry entries to make more quirk-tolerant nw
add Added summary-returning search methods to registry interface. Removed wrapping elements from results. Thanks to Thomas Boch . nw
fix Changed listener implementation to handle disappearance of client nw
add Added final 'prompt-user' fall-through to finder. nw
add Added keyword Search to registry interface Thanks to ael . nw
add Added CDS interfaces Thanks to Thomas Boch . nw
update Updated JDIC lib to 0.9.1 nw

Release 1.1-beta-2 - 2005-08-12

fix Fixed broken links in webstart associations Thanks to jdt . nw
add Added 'listMetadata' method to myspace interface Thanks to Thomas Boch . nw
fix grayed-out 'help' menu option until some is written Thanks to jdt . nw
fix solved blank screen at startup problem Thanks to jdt . nw

Release 1.1-beta-1 - 2005-08-12

update split acr interfaces into separate project nw
update updated to latest version of registry delegate - now caches results, and provides xquery. nw
add added system tests that exercise ag components through rmi and xmlrpc nw
fix cleaned up acr public interface nw
add added java rmi interface to acr nw

Release 1.0.6-beta-1 - 2005-07-25

fix assorted improvements of the workflow viewer pjn3

Release 1.0.5 - 2005-07-10

add Added beta of workflow viewer pjn3
fix Improved workbench function descriptions Thanks to anita . nw
fix tidied up example python scripts nw
add Added example script for connecting to ACR from perl nw
update Updated list of external apps nw

Release 1.0.4-beta - 2005-07-08

add Added real splash screen nw
fix Fixed endpoint configuration, logging configuration, and possible ipv6 problem. nw
fix Removed 'indirect' buttons from parameter editor for parameterized workflows - doesn't make sense to have it. nw
fix Improved resource chooser dialogue to make it easier to use. Fixes 1221. nw
remove Removed 'show in portal' from job monitor - never worked. nw
fix Replace file chooser dialogue by resource chooser dialogue throughout - means many things can be loaded / saved to myspace. nw
fix Relocate operation in myspace browser lists available stores. nw
fix Removed 'file' tab from resource chooser for indirect parameters nw
fix Fixed error on logout nw
fix Applications in monitor now persist between workbench sessions nw
fix Creating a new file in the filemanager selects that filemanager nw
fix filemanager improvements: starts with 'home' folder selected; selecting a file removes selection of folder, and vice-versa; improved refresh; fixed folder tree vanishing. nw
fix Made display of workflows more tolerant of oddities in workflow Fixes 1263. nw

Release 1.0.3 - 2005-06-23

update Based on 1.0.3-beta-2 nw

Release 1.0.3-beta-2 - 2005-06-23

add Added 'system.apihelp' component - returns documentation for ACR methods nw
fix Fixed nulls in parameter editor Thanks to pah . nw
fix Altered query so only active applications are visible Thanks to gtr . nw
add Added map-style methods for building tool documents nw

Release 1.0.3-beta-1 - 2005-06-22

add Added link to JDIC (Desktop Integration) JNLP Extension. nw
add Added System tray icon. Displays GUI when hidden. (Not on Macs). nw
fix Fixed duff ivorn on repeated application launch. Thanks to pah . nw
fix fixed typo. Fixes 1223. nw
fix Made application launcher remember window position. nw
fix Removed inactive registry entries from app and server lists. Thanks to gtr . nw
fix Made parsing of application descriptions tolerant of missing data. Still need to fix castor problems with namespaces - until then some reg. entries will still cause errors. nw
fix Improved display of loooong error messages Fixes 1245. nw
fix Fixed 'cancel' button on parameterized workflows Thanks to eduardo . nw
add Added rudimentary help set nw

Release 1.0.2-eso - 2005-06-20

update Based o n 1.0.2-alpha-2 nw

Release 1.0.2-beta-2 - 2005-06-20

add Added changes report. Thanks to eduardo . nw
add Bundled set of docs into jnlp site nw
fix Fixed Race condition on startup - reliable, but perceived startup is now slower. Fixes 1186. nw
add Added cheezy splash screen to hide startup time. Better graphics needed. nw
add Added JavaHelp browser - now need to write helpset. nw
fix Moved large jars into jnlp extensions - should improve download time for desktop updates nw
fix Added bounds checking for position-remembering windows Should mean that all windows are visible onscreen. Thanks to naw . nw

Release 1.0.2-beta-1 - 2005-06-16

Beta Release
add Added CEA Application Launcher GUI nw