Scripting Host

VODesktop can be configured to display no GUI, but instead to run in the background, from where it can provide scripting facilities to other programs running on the same machine. Other programs and scripts may use it's SAMP or PLASTIC hubs, or may call functions of the Astro Runtime interface. A collection of sample commandline scripts (implemented by calling Astro Runtime functions) is available as part of the Astro Runtime Distribution

To run VODesktop as a no-GUI scripting host, launch it with the -headless flag. (see Commandline Options).

Depending on circumstance, you may wish to disable further functionality of VODesktop. For example, if your scripts will only be connecting via XML-RPC or HTTP, you can disable the RMI remote access system by adding the commandline flag -Dsystem.rmi.disabled=true. See Configuration for further details.