TaskRunner and QueryBuilder

screenshot of taskrunner TaskRunner allows the user to: build complex adql queries against remote databases; and invoke long-running remote applications.

At the moment it communicates with services that support the CEA protocol (CEA Application Servers, and DSA Remote Databases)

There's experimental support for an early version of TAP

See the TaskRunner User Guide and Query Builder User Guide

Experimental TAP Support

screenshot of taskrunner in TAP mode The latest version adds basic support for asynchronous TAP (Table Access Protocol) queries.

To see it in action - In VOExplorer search for the resource Hipparcos catalogue - ivo://uk.ac.cam.ast/newhipparcos-dsa-catalog/HIPPARCOS_NEWLY_REDUCED (or subscribe to this resource list) and then choose the TAP Query action. (In the final a release, we'll probably not differentiate between cea-adql and tap-adql - it's not relevant to the user). A simplified form of the task runner appears, from which queries can be built and submitted.

At the moment, selecting the output format for the result does not work - so I've omitted that from the UI. (I might omit it from the production version too). Likewise, it's not possible to instruct TAP/DSA to send results to myspace - so that's been omitted too.