screenshot of voexplorer VOExplorer is an advanced application for resource discovery, with a user interface inspired by iTunes. It queriesIVOA Registries (such as the AstroGrid Registry Implementation ) using XQuery.

See the VODesktop User Guide

Resource List Subscriptions

It's possible to subscribe to a shared or remote set of resource lists using the File > New Subscription menu item.

Subscribing to resource lists means that additional items or updates can be added to the file, and they appear for all subscribing users automatically. An interesting possibility is generating a resource list file using some kind of CGI script.

The file containing the resource lists must be URL-accessible (file, http, ftp, or myspace) - and in the same format as produced from the File > Export... menu entry in voexplorer. See the default set of examples for an example of this format.

Simple Registry Query Language (SRQL)

SRQL is the preferred language for expressing queries in VOExplorer (the alternative is XQuery, or enumerating a list of resource IDs). SRQL is described here.


In the resource details display, (bottom pane of VOExplorer), a list of annotations for a resource are displayed on the right hand side. An annotation is a piece of information about a resource which does not come from the registry, but instead originates elsewhere. At the moment, there's 3 main sources of annotation - the user's own notes, external annotation files, and annotation services.

VOExplorer comes pre-configured to display annotations from 'AG Science Team'. These annotations are defined in this file. Additional annotation files, in the same format, may be added by contributing to the votech.annotationSources configuration point (details).